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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sparkly Twists for New Year's Eve

This year JJ wanted a special style for New Year's Eve. She requested a  "sparkly" look. This look was initially inspired by a photo shared on Hair-Raising Adventures' Facebook wall, of Des from Girly and Curly.  In the photo, Des has some gorgeous braids with sparkly Bling String woven in.

gorgeous, hey? see more at Girly and Curly!

Although I wasn't able to find Bling String here in Canada, I happened to come across some sparkly yarn (Vanna' s Glamour™in onyx) at Michaels, and figured I could incorporate this somehow into JJ's hair. When I showed the yarn to JJ she absolutely loved it. We looked through some blog photos and decided to take the plunge and do some yarn twists, inspired by Boo's recent yarn twists at Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care.

I pretty much followed the tips detailed at Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care in this post on tips and tricks for yarn extensions. I added 3 strands of yarn per twist; folded over to make 6 strands of extra yarn thickness per twist. Volume-wise, there was more hair than yarn per twist. In terms of length, the sparkly yarn was just long enough to add some beads to the yarn ends. I was not looking to add length other than what was required to add the beads to yarn, versus hair. The sparkly effect was subtle (and kinda hard to see in photos), but was exactly what we were going for.

some stray ends visible just above beads

As you can see below, I added some flat twists on JJ's left side. She loves to wear her hair "up and over". For NYE I gathered her hair into a ponytail on the right side.

Although she is **not** smiling in the photos below (need to work on that posing, JJ!)....JJ was very pleased with the look, and it was perfect for the New Year's Eve party we attended!

There's a little bit more to this story - some drama!!! But that will have to wait for another post - stay tuned....

JJ with Uncle E shortly after midnight!!
Happy New Year everyone - All the best for 2012!!