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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Virtual Playdate!!

The kids in matching PJs, made by Grandma Z

Thanks to BabyBellaHair and Untrained Hair Mom for inviting us to a virtual playdate!!

 Here are 10 facts about JJ:
  1. JJ was a surprise baby! I had no idea I was expecting. A friend of mine who hadn't seen me in a while looked at me and said "when's the baby coming?" - she was right!
  2. JJ continued to surprise us by arriving early - we barely made it to the hospital. Daddy D dropped me off at the front door and she was born 7 minutes later. Poor Daddy D was still parking the car and missed the excitement.
  3. JJ will change her mood instantly, which always has me on my toes.
  4. She is a memorizer. Books, songs, lines from movies - she loves to recite.
  5. She has an amazing fashion sense and puts together very creative looks.
  6. She often acts like a mommy to her little brother K, even though she's just 13 months older than him.
  7. Current obsession: fairies.
  8. Favourite song: Waving Flag.
  9. Loves to move her body but strongly dislikes doing so in a structured situation (like a soccer, gymnastics or dance class).
  10. Happiest time: when there are lots and lots and lots of people crammed into our really small house; when the music is on and people are dancing! 

And some facts about Little Brother K:

    1. Because of all the drama with JJ's birth, K was born at home (pre-planned, with a midwife).
    2. K is super laid-back (the opposite of JJ!)
    3. Except, that is, when it comes to hair. K is not a fan of even the most gentle finger detangling, whereas JJ loves for her hair to be done.
    4. K is 2 1/2, and shares a bedroom with Big Brother J (age 10).
    5. Favourite "toy": My iphone.
    6. K was a very early talker and has near-perfect pronunciation. He always surprises people with his long sentences and large vocabulary.
    7. Current obsession: Trains.
    8. Favourite song: Waving Flag.
    9. Has an amazingly accurate throw for a 2 year old.
    10. Happiest time: Cuddles on the couch with mama.

    Finally, some facts about Big Brother J:

      1. Before Daddy D, JJ and K came along, it was just the 2 of us together, and he says it was "boring".
      2. J has worn glasses since he was 2!
      3. He ***loves*** video games, and is always looking on e-Bay for old (retro) game systems.
      4. J has always been an amazing illustrator.
      5. J asks very deep and insightful questions. J has figured out that I don't know everything and we often need to ask "google" for the answers.
      6. J donated 8 inches of his hair to be used for wigs for people with cancer. 
      7. Current obsession: Pokemon.
      8. Favourite song: Me No Speak Americano.
      9. He is learning to play the guitar.
      10. We have just started an activity where we list our five favourite things each day (well, realistically - every few days) in an effort to remind ourselves of all the small but great things in our lives!

      So, I think this playdate has been making the blog rounds. We've enjoyed reading all about our friends at:

      all things cute and girly

      baby bella hair

      curly hair is beautiful

      untrained hair mom

      ****Please join in if you haven't already!!***

      Precious, maybe that adorable cousin of yours would like to join?

      Kimberley at Curlture, how about your two curlies?

      And Kurly T, how about you?

      Monday, June 6, 2011

      Protective Style Challenge Weeks 3 and 4

      Have I mentioned that work is crazy for me? I work in Education, meaning that I am crazy busy in June, but will be able to relax a little over July and August. Since it's still June this update will be short and sweet.

      JJ's hair for week 3 of the Protective Styling Challenge entailed taking out the back braids (from Week 2's cornrows into a mohawk with twists) and making plain old small (not quite mini) twists. I left the front the same:

      For week 4 everything came out and I made cornrows at the front and small box braids at the back. Because the cornrows were thicker I split each one into three small hanging braids.

      I hope to keep these braids for a while... I have been VERY good at following all the styling challenge rules (no rubber bands, no barrettes, no snaps, no BEADS).  But when this is over, I plan to add some of those beads I bought waaaaaaay back in Week 1!!