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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Protective Style Challenge Week 2

....I'm way late on posting here, but this is what I did for Week two of the Beads Braids & Beyond one month protective styling challenge.

At the front I did some fairly small - but not quite mini twists. JJ likes them to fall over her face like long bangs.

I cornrowed the sides and did twists at the back in a mohawk style. I struggled a bit to bring the hair from the side cornrows together into the twists because I didn't want to use any elastic bands as I normally would when doing a style like this.  So for each twist I took a section of hair from each side. This worked well, but I had to really concentrate when I was doing it (oh well, less Shrek for me).

When we went out, I gathered the bangs back with some twisty rope and incorporated these into a ponytail with the twists at the back (bottom right).

These have held up very well for the week. The twists at the back became twist-outs for Friday and Saturday. After swimming lessons (today) I planned to wash JJ's hair and restyle in small twists for the last two weeks of the protective styling challenge. However, plans changed - more on that to come in another post....

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  1. Very cute style!