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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Really different curl patterns on one little head - what to do?

Here is little brother K just after his last hair cut (November 2010):

It was a real barbershop haircut. He cried a bit and we fed him 6 little boxes of raisins to distract him. Daddy D and I were both a bit overwhelmed. Daddy said a firm no to "marking" (I think that's what it's called - when the barber cuts the hair very close to look super neat around the forehead). Anyway it wasn't awful but it wasn't the happiest experience either. 

Daddy D has locs and would like K to have locs too.  Daddy D's family doesn't love Daddy D's locs and they have definitely expressed their disapproval of locs on a 2-year old.  What to do? We could keep his hair short. But since I am learning so much about caring for longer hair I figure why not try longer hair for him too? We live in a very diverse city and boys we see have a wide range of hair styles including braids, twists, afros and locs along with shorter hair. 

My challenge right now is that K's hair is getting longer, but looks, well, **messy**. 

See the different curl patterns? Don't worry, it's a plastic drill.
A slightly different angle...
His hair LOOKS like it's all different lengths. It's really not though, it's just that his hair ranges from 4b-type springy coils to large curls on the top of his head that are almost....straight!?!?!?

What to do?


  1. It's pretty normal to have more than one hair type on the same head. I have really silky big curls at the front of my hair, the middle of my hair has little tight coarse curls, and the back of my hair is somewhere in the middle. What to do? I don't know. I don't wear my hair out in the first place (I'm one of those devout protective stylers lol) but I think that wearing twist-outs makes everything look more uniform. In your son's case, his hair might change as he gets older. Hair is always changing. Who knows, maybe his curls will get more uniform later :)

  2. I'm kind of in the same position with my little guy (3 years old). Though he doesn't have as many curl types on his head as your little one appears to, his hair can look quite messy when not in a "style."
    I don't want to just shave his hair close to the head because "that's what you do." And I'm drawn to locs but have hesitated because of his young age.
    So we finally just asked him what he wanted, and he now proudly sport a mohawk! Hehe...I guess age 3 is about the only time you can have a mohawk without looking ridiculous, so we're letting him enjoy it for now. Locs may be on the horizon, though.

  3. I think we're leaning more and more towards locs too...I would love to see the mohawk - do you have a pic?

  4. Hmm, I just stumbled upon this crazy sponge-thing called "nudred". Thinking about it - gotta do a little more googling though to figure out if it's any good.