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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

ZigZag Banding on Natural Hair

I loved every minute of the inaugural Baby Big Hair Frotective Challenge. It really was a challenge for both JJ and I to leave her hair big and free for four days - in fact, I'd safely say it's been at least two years since her hair spent that much time "out"!  It was great for both of us - for me to see that with the right preparation, hydration, and night-time routine it was possible; and for her to have a good little stretch of embracing her big hair.

JJ's favorite style of the challenge was a fairly well-defined "band-out" for Day 4:

I started on dry, previously stretched hair. JJ's hair was well-moisturized from a combination of avocado oil and Yes To Carrots Leave in Conditioner. I finger detangled in small sections, added copious amounts of Queen Helene Royal Curl Shaping Creme, and used a Denman brush to distribute the QH creme. I then took one-inch strips from an old pair up tights - cut into horizontal strips - and banded each section of JJ's hair with the tights. I secured the tights at the base by looping around a few times, and then I moved downwards as I banded to create a criss-cross pattern. The bands stayed in overnight.

Confused? Don't worry. It just may be one of those techniques that defies written explanation. Because of this, big brother helped me put together a little You Tube video of our ZigZag Banding technique for you to watch! We are very new to videos so please overlook quality issues (thank you). 

When the bands came out, JJ's hair was zigzaggy, like this:

Before the zigzags were separated , they looked like this:

And once the sections were separated they looked like this:

Later in the day (extreeeeeeme humidity in Toronto) the pattern was less defined, but JJ was still lovin' her hair! 

Thanks again to to Chloe at Baby Big Hair for organizing the challenge and to all the participants for great tips and tricks, and inspirational styles and photos!


  1. The hair is pretty! Looks sort of like a twist out :) Very cool!

  2. Her hair is absolutely gorgeous!!!

  3. This is cool, it does look almost like a twist out...I may try it for that!

  4. thanks K and UHM!! we were both realy happy with the way this technique worked.

  5. Ooh!! I love this!!! Great job mama!!!

  6. oh i would've never thought to use tight, awesome

  7. Great idea! JJ looks stunning! Absolutely beautiful :)

  8. Um... am I the only one who thinks this is a cute style while the band's are still in? :)

    1. Hey Traci - I totally think the bands are cute still in. When I know that I'll be leaving them in I try to stick with coordinating colors, or all the same color...often I'll leave the bands in a few days for extra stretch!!

  9. I love it! Such an easy way to create some awesome hair!