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The Usual Routine

Our hair routine varies somewhat from week to week, but here is the "usual":

1) Take out whatever style was in (usually done the night before). Spritz with conditioner/water and detangle (fingers first, then wide tooth comb). Apply coconut oil and leave in overnight.

2)  Next day: Wash hair. Usually this is a "co-wash" (wash with conditioner only). If there is a lot of product buildup I'll do a baking soda rinse (baking soda dissolved in warm water). Every two weeks or so I use a no-sulfate shampoo. Currently, we're using a very affordable line called "live clean". I like the Apple Cider "clarifying" shampoo. I usually wash JJ's hair in two sections as it is very thick.
Usually I wash JJ's hair in two sections - back and front.
3) Condition. I usually apply conditioner and let it sit for a while while JJ plays in the bath. We like the live clean Argan Oil conditioner. Sometimes I mix a little jojoba oil into the conditioner and let it sit.
Sitting with conditioner.
Jojoba oil, and live clean shampoo & conditioner
 (sorry - focus problem)
4) Finger detangle first. Then comb (while still in the bath) with a wide tooth comb. I comb it in smallish sections, starting at the ends.

5) Rinse.
Clean hair!
6) Apply product and style. Typically, I lean towards "protective styles", like two-strand twists. I try to style so that I can change it up during the week by adding/changing hair accessories. Usually I add some almond oil to a tub of organic shea butter and mix it around with my fingers until I get a smooth, creamy consistency. I then divide the hair into sections, add the shea/almond "cream", comb through, and twist, making sure to twist right to the ends. I have a bottle of water to spritz as JJ's hair dries quickly. Usually I'll wrap the ends of the twists around a barrette a few times and secure. This helps the ends curl up nicely instead of getting frizzy. It also helps "pull down" the twists for some length. I take the barrettes out once the hair is dry.

I start with the back as JJ's scalp is most sensitive there. 
Note length of the combed out section. 
First twist.
Back row of twists, second section ready to go.
Barrettes added to stretch the twists and keep the ends neat.
Two rows done!
Three rows done, added some flat twists for variety 
and to keep JJ's hair out of her face.
More flat twists and a flat twist to the side at the front.
Added some baubles - done!
From the top.
Twists can usually last the week easily. JJ does sleep with a satin cap at night. Sometimes towards the end of the week we do twist-out. I try to remember to spritz twists daily with a mixture of water, leave-in conditioner, and almond oil.