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Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter: featuring Huffleblossoms!

Happy Easter!!! 
Blessings to you and your loved ones. 

We have had a wonderful long weekend full of reflection, joy and time with extended family. The weather has been beautiful and spring is in the air (yes, even way up north here in Canada!). Our tiny garden is beginning to blossom, and JJ is obsessed with looking at and learning about plants and flowers. This new interest has extended to choosing to wear dresses with big flower prints, as well as flower clips in her hair. Her absolute favorite clip, without a doubt, is this GORGEOUS Huffleblossom!! 

Now Huffleblossoms are NOT your ordinary hair accessories.

Besides being gorgeous, they are unique - and durable
Would you believe that the flower in JJ's hair is made out of duct tape?!?!?!?

I can't really believe it either. But it is pure genius. 

JJ is one of the most active and rough part-tomboy, part-princess kids I know, and this Huffleblossom still looks brand new after countless wears. Many of her other accessories have become scraggly-looking very quickly. The duct tape is super strong, and doesn't attract dirt or become misshapen like JJ's other fabric flowers do. 

At $6 for a flower clip these are a great deal - period. 

But the other really important thing to know about Huffleblossoms is that they are handmade by the very creative mother-daughter team over at Tweeny Hair (aka Rae and Syd). And the funds they earn from their creations at the Huffleblossoms Etsy shop goes to a very worthy project....

You may remember that last summer Rae and Syd went on a 9-day missions trip to Guatemala (see the AMAZING trip photos here). Well, they are going back! You can read more about the upcoming trip to Guatemala here. They will be once again be helping with building projects, distributing food, and holding medical clinics. Rae and Syd are already making a lot of personal sacrifices in order to cover their expenses for the next mission trip, and are also fundraising through Pay it Square. Please consider making a donation if you can, and check out the Huffleblossoms Etsy shop for duct tape flowers, fabric flowers, and **NEW** ladder ribbon necklaces.  


Speaking of gorgeous, a few last photos of JJ and her favorite flower:


And links to other Huffleblossom reviews for further oooh-ing and aaaah-ing...

Happy Easter! Love from JJ and Mama M


  1. Aww, hope you guys had a happy Easter! JJ looks gorgeous!

  2. Thanks P, Happy Easter to you too (& I am looking forward to reading more about your trim!)

  3. Awww JJ looks like a pretty princess! I love how she is wearing that Huffleblossom. Happy to hear you all had a Happy Easter!

    1. Thanks Michelle, I hope you and your family had a wonderful Easter too!

  4. She looks so cute with your huffleblossom and her dress and I love her fro!

    1. Thanks! It's a very spring-y look, isn't it?

  5. I LOVE that big mane of hair with that huffleblossom!

    1. Thanks Shay, I definitely love the big hair too!!

  6. She's so beautiful, and her hair is amazing!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the flower!! HUFFLEBLOSSOMS IS AWESOME!! <3


  7. Awww, thanks Char <3 Huffleblossoms definitely rock!!! I love the way the flower looks in JJ's great big hair - it really stands out hey?