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Friday, April 1, 2011

Three-Layer Braids with Bling

It's taking a while for things to get back to normal at our house. JJ seems to be coming down with something again, and went to bed tonight complaining of feeling hot and cold all at once. She's fast asleep now, so I thought I'd quickly post a few recent pictures before another potential illness does the rounds!

Lately I've been making a diagonal part for most styles. This allows JJ's hair to hang in such a way that it's out of her face on one side. She likes the other side to hang down in her face a bit, but it can be easily held back with a barrette or claw clip.  After washing JJ's hair and removing the twists, I kept the diagonal part and changed the twists into braids. 

I made three "layers" of braids. I cornrowed the top layer and did box braids on the middle and bottom layers. I added green and white beads in the spirit of St Patrick's Day (yes, it was that long ago...).

sorry - little focus problem - as usual

These lasted at least two weeks. I played around with them - pulling the braids into one or two ponytails, changing up the beads, and eventually removing the bottom two rows of braids and keeping the cornrows for some puff styles.  Silly me, I neglected to take pictures of most of the variations, but here's one: 

Next: Finally - Success with sister twists (after many failed attempts)!!


  1. Very cute! I seem to run across only double-stacked braids, so I really like this third-layer variation. And I'll be anxious to see your sister twists!
    And my goodness, I hope y'all manage to avoid another round of sicknesses. :( I'm just recovering from the flu myself, so you have both my sympathy and my empathy. Who's ready for a healthy April?! March has been no fun.

  2. i like this style a lot. i've done a similar style on A's hair, but my mom said it made her head look funny. lol.

    those are really cute beads as well!