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Friday, April 29, 2011

Diagonal Cornrows & More Sister Twists

I'm now officially obsessed with sister twists. In my opinion they are less fuzzy, stay longer, and have cooler twist-out effects. But I haven't quite figured out: do sister twists = rope twists? Would love anyone's insight on this.

Anyway here are a few pictures of a more recent style with cornrows and sister twists. All bling was purchased at Snapaholics.

Have I ever mentioned that JJ is not one for posing? Or sitting still for that matter? Even if I haven't mentioned this you've likely noticed. These pictures all feature JJ, and pizza.


  1. Pretty twists! I think sister twists are when you twist around one strand of the twist in a clockwise direction, and the other strand in an counterclockwise direction and then maintain that twisting while twisting, lol. Sounds so complicated. I'm not too sure what rope twists are, is that the same as three-strand twists?

  2. very cute! we did a similar style on A for this week. i thought rope twist are what you done and sister twist are just regular 2 strand twist. the best way to find out for sure is to google it or youtube it, that's my answer for everything! lol

  3. So true - what did people ever do before they could google & youtube everything? I'd be so lost without blogs like all of yours!!!

    Thanks everyone!