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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Evolving Mohawk

I knew we were going to have a busy week last week. In preparation for the craziness, I decided to go with a style that would last a while, but have potential for quick changes.

washed, detangled, ready for stylin'
I started with a "mohawk" style: cornrows towards the top/back of JJ's head. I gathered the cornrows in the centre of her head with ouchless bands, twisted the ends, and added spring-coloured beads and snaps.

from the side

from the back - having a cuddle with Daddy

Later in the week I took out the beads for a simpler look.

But the look was too simple according to JJ. So we went to the opposite end of the spectrum. I added in a bunch of colourful clip-on braids (okay, so I am not a fan of "extensions" on young children, but these are more about fun). I gathered the twists and clip-on braids into a ponytail at the back of her head with some matching bands. The daycare teachers called it her "Avatar" hair. This lasted 2 days.

Then I took out the ouchless bands, added star ballies, took out the twists and planned to leave the ends as puffs.

JJ was not in agreement however, so I quickly did some 2-strand twists and finished with star beads. She loved the star theme, as did everyone in her daycare class.

Then came swimming lessons, and I wanted to take the beads out. I sometimes leave beads in for lessons, but I'm always wondering if a bead falls out - will it block up the pool or something? So when I think of it/have time, I take out beads for swimming.

The cornrows were pretty fuzzy by this point (Day 8) so I decided to embrace the fuzziness (no use re-doing right before swimming). I gathered the cornrows into a few piggyback ponytails right at the front to bring JJ's hair out of her face. I then detangled the once-twisted hair with conditioner, added a little product, and made small ponytails down the back of her head. I tried to work the hair from the smaller ponytails together so they looked like one long ponytail in the back.

I was very happy to get a lot of mileage from this mohawk, and JJ was happy with all the variations!


  1. Loved all the different variations of the mohawk style!

  2. Oh my goodness!! I myself love mohawks and these ones are just so cute!!
    You are one creative MOM!

  3. So many cute looks to this mohawk! The puffs with star ballies may be my favorite, though. (BTW, where did you get those star ballies? Cuteness!)

  4. Thanks everyone!!

    The star ballies are from Snapaholics. So much cute stuff!!! Kimberly, you've ordered from there too right? What did you get?