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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Rope Twists and Twisty Ropes

I found these great hair accessories at Dollarama (A Canadian chain dollar store). They were - you guessed it - a dollar per package of 5. 

They are a kind of twisty, stretchy, elastic rope, with beads at the ends. They reminded me of twists, and I thought they'd be fun to add to ponytails with twists.

I parted JJ's hair ear to ear. I then parted the back of JJ's hair into zigzag-y triangle sections (10 in total). I secured each with a non metal band (I got these at Dollarama too, they are like terry, but slightly more stretchy). I twisted each ponytail and wrapped the ends around a barrette to make the ends neater and stretch the twists a little.

I parted the front hair into two side ponytails, made three twists in each ponytail, and added the twisty rope. 

This has been a very easy style to change up the colours of the bands and the twisty rope for a new look, and it has lasted well (4 days so far...)

JJ likes the look of two ponytails (and added colour from the rope!) at the front, and I like that the back stays protected and tangle free in the twists. A great compromise style!


  1. This is cute, I love them!

  2. This is MAJOR cute!! Love it!
    Keep up the good work!