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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Protective Style Challenge

As many of you probably know already, Beads, Braids & Beyond is doing their one month protective styling challenge on Facebook.

I watched from the sidelines last year; it was just around the time that I started spending (a lot of) time on the internet looking at and thinking about hair. Anyway, I decided to take the plunge and join the challenge this year.

For this week I tried flat rope twists. They were a little tricky at first but went better once I got my head around which direction(s) to twist. I was originally inspired by this post at Chocolate Hair / Vanilla Care and flat twists have been on my To Do List for a while.

Of course my (cheap) camera died so I only had my cell phone to take photos, but here is my week one check-in "collage":

So far they are holding up quite well.

In other news I got a huge container of pre-sorted beads at Walmart for $15.00 (approx 2300 beads!!!). Of course I am dying to use them but that would be breaking the protective styling challenge rules so I'll have to wait. Look at them!!!

In the meantime though, JJ could make about 1000 necklaces...


  1. many beautiful, shiny beads! You are a model of restraint for keeping your hands off them. (I might have to hide them for a month!) ;)

    And the flat twists look super cute! How long do you think you'll keep them in?

  2. i know exactly the beads you got, i was actually going to buy them this weekend but i figured i'd better hold off because it'll be too tempting!

    her flat rope twist look pretty good!

  3. the flat rope twists came out great! funny, i was thinking of doing a variation on that theme again for this next week. :-)

  4. So far I've been able to stay away from the beads. Being crazy busy at work is helping!

    The flat rope twists held up very well but are a bit fuzzy today and will come out after swimming lessons today. Haven't decided what's next.

    Thanks Rory for those step by step instructions on your amazing blog!