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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Little Brother Hair Update!!!

On Saturday my sister-in-law called and offered to take JJ and Little Brother K to Grandma's for a sleepover. Daddy D and I jumped on the opportunity to go to a concert. It was a last-minute thing, and K was whisked away right after nap, and before a good detangle. I do always try to have his hair look as "nice" as possible when he is with my in-laws, because they aren't too keen on his many curl-pattern, messy-looking afro. But the timing just didn't work in my favour this time around.

I had a premonition. I said to Daddy D, I have a feeling they are going to cut K's hair. About an hour later, there was a phone call. It was Auntie, asking if they could take K to the barber. I let Daddy D deal with this question. Daddy D continues to want K to have locs like him, but  his family is not supportive of that idea. Daddy D has been considering a cut for K for a couple of weeks now, ever since I showed him the Daddy & son haircut pictures at Mainly Braids (hi Shay!!). After some negotiation the Aunties were told not to touch the top of his hair, but that it was okay to cut the sides.

The result:

When he came home I was afraid to look, but when I did, I loved it! But I do feel a bit like my baby boy is gone and has been replaced with a 2 1/2 year old teenager. He just looks so much more mature! He loves all the attention from his friends and teachers, as well as pretty much anyone who passes us on the street.

If you like this - check out K's newest mohawk - a "loc-hawk" - here!!


  1. His little mohawk is sooo cute!!

  2. Awww--The Young Lad has a mohawk, too, so you know I just love this look! And it looks super cute on your little K!
    Also, I thought The Young Lad looked about ten years older after we gave him that mohawk, so I know exactly what you mean about feeling like you suddenly have a teenager! ;)
    And it's amazing what a conversation item having a mohawk is! TYL is kind of shy, but he gets all kinds of attention for his mohawk (and for being really, really cute, of course!). At first, I don't think he liked all the comments, but when I asked him just this week if he wanted a different haircut (because he is getting a LOT of length on the hair in the center of his 'hawk, and he does NOT like having it detangled!), he said he definitely wanted to keep the mohawk. Go figure. Maybe he thinks of the mohawk as his "trademark look" now. =) How long do you think you'll keep K's hair in a mohawk?