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Monday, June 6, 2011

Protective Style Challenge Weeks 3 and 4

Have I mentioned that work is crazy for me? I work in Education, meaning that I am crazy busy in June, but will be able to relax a little over July and August. Since it's still June this update will be short and sweet.

JJ's hair for week 3 of the Protective Styling Challenge entailed taking out the back braids (from Week 2's cornrows into a mohawk with twists) and making plain old small (not quite mini) twists. I left the front the same:

For week 4 everything came out and I made cornrows at the front and small box braids at the back. Because the cornrows were thicker I split each one into three small hanging braids.

I hope to keep these braids for a while... I have been VERY good at following all the styling challenge rules (no rubber bands, no barrettes, no snaps, no BEADS).  But when this is over, I plan to add some of those beads I bought waaaaaaay back in Week 1!!

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