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Monday, March 12, 2012

The Loc Hawk

Little Brother K has been sporting a new 'do - the "loc-hawk"!

Last time I updated here about K's hair, I had just put in a headful of two strand twists

I was in a dilemma about to twist or not to twist, to cut or not to cut, and to loc or not to loc.  Now it seems I've done all three!

For a while, I went with twisting. Here is K's hair on New Year's Eve: small two-strand twists.

We stuck with twists for a while; long enough that they started to loc naturally.

K's own photo of his locs at the front
K's curl pattern in much tighter at the front and the back of his head. His hair is looser and finer in the middle. 

The varying sizes of K's curls, compared to a marker

His hair was beginning to loc quite nicely at the front and back, but the middle was not loc'ing well at all. I started to help the locs along, using my homemade interlock tool (literally a paperclip with masking tape around it to avoid snagging). 

I use a 4-point method similar to the one used in this video by DynamicRunner

K actually enjoys getting his hair done these days, so once or twice a week while he watches TV, I have him sit for some re-twisting/interlocking. The locs continue to be a work in progress, some are well-established while others need more time.

Here is an idea of the thickness of the locs:

K's locs are a little smaller than a pencil in diameter

And now - onto the CUT!

To give K's hair a new and interesting shape, we decided to cut the sides into a mohawk - technically a loc-hawk? Using the electric clippers on number 1, I cut down the sides and left the locs at the front, top and back. 

K loves his rockin' new look!


  1. aww, how cute is he! I love the hair cut!

  2. Thanks UHM - it was my first time using clippers on him, and we were both a bit scared. Full disclosure - I bribed him with chewing gum!

  3. loc hawk! I love it! Great style, unique but not over the top. He is such a cutie. :)

  4. Thanks Elizabeth! I tried not to make it too over-the-top by keeping the hair short but not shaved at the sides, and keeping enough "width" on the mohawk that it's not too shocking... As the locs are getting longer they are kind of falling down on the sides too, instead of sticking straight up, which is softer-looking. After all, K's only 3!!!

  5. He is soooo cute! And I love the way the locs fall down on the sides...

  6. Aww...he is a cutie! Loving the hawk! :o)

    Stop by and follow! :o)

  7. Thanks Tav -if the locs stay I guess they'll fall down even more as they get longer...It's a bit of an experiment, I'm interested to see what happens.

    Thanks Melly - and I'm following!!