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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Evolving Styles

Some weeks, especially when life gets super-busy, JJ's styles kind of evolve over the course of the week; with a little hair time every few days instead of one big sit-down.

The starting point: Last week's cornrows and twists:

Later on in the week I added more cornrows and turned the braided pigtails into bantu knots:

The next day I added more cornrows and twists:

A few days later (forgot to take a picture) - the twists became twist-outs.

And then - the twist-outs in the back turned into box braids. I tried the half moon parts I read about at Beads, Braids & Beyond.  I did my half moons upside down, but it had relatively the same effect (mmm, slept-on hair, braids have curled up, but you get the idea). JJ wanted lots of barrettes, as you can see. 

It's been another busy weekend and I think the box braids (back) and cornrows (front) will stay for a bit. I'm going to add some beads to the box braids to get them hanging down a bit better.

Which reminds me - my snaps and beads from Snapaholics should arrive any day now - I'll post some updated pictures as this style continues to evolve...


  1. Lovely style. Thanks so much for following my blog by the way. I hope you gain some useful info. I of course am no expert but I try to teach as much as I know :) Your daughter and son and their hair are just gorgeous! Keep up the great work :)

  2. Thanks - I **love** your blog - the Yumms and Ickks and all of the science! I've learned tons already - thanks for the time & energy you put into it!!

  3. awwww!!! This looks so lovely! Your daughter is a gorgeous little one! Keep it up!