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Monday, January 31, 2011

Protected Ends in Twists

Started with banded ponytails
This week's style was a bit of a mishmash that evolved from the weekend's banded ponytails. I started with dry hair, stretched from banding. I spritzed the two back sections and twisted them. Initially I tried to do "sister twists" but they kept unravelling. I must have been doing something wrong?!?!? So I just went ahead and did my usual, non-sister twists. 

See the curved cornrows?
Not really? Sorry - still working
on photography skills
Once the back was done my plan was to cornrow the top two ponytailed sections. I started by cornrowing the hairline as I often do. Then I got kind of creative. I cornrowed down the hairline and then curved the cornrow upwards. I cornrowed a section down from the middle part to meet it, attached the two cornrows with a pink ouchless, and twisted the ends. I planned to continue some kind of creative cornrowing but we were both tired so I banded pigtails and braided them with a barrette at the bottom. JJ loved the pigtail look and I loved that her hairline and the back of her hair were taken care of (these are the two areas most prone to fuzziness and tangles). 

Protected ends!!!

I've been doing a lot of blog-hopping and **somewhere** (I just can't remember where....) I came across the idea of keeping the ends of twists protected by tucking them into a big twist or loose bun, JJ's hair is not quite long enough for that but I did put the twists together into a loose ponytail (still using strips from that old pair of tights) and tucked the ends under.

Her hair looked great this morning for school, but I still think I might add in a few cornrows - stay tuned!

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