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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Zigzag Cornrows with Beads and a Need for New Bling

This week it was all about the parts. First I made zigzag cornrows from the front of JJ's head - 9 in total.

I then did corwnrows in 9 corresponding sections from her nape up to meet the zigzag cornrows. I attached these with small white ouchless goody bands (2 braids from the bottom, two from the top for a total of 4 braids per band). Finally, I attached white beads (regular beads and flowers) to the bottom of each braid.

Yoga pose - to show the back!
More yoga - to show the top.

It's been a while since we've used beads. I realized a couple of things:

1) When it comes to beads, I like patterns. With 18 braids and me wanting to put 3-4 beads per braid I didn't really have enough of any colours besides white. I need more beads!

2) I usually twist the ends of braids to put beads on and secure beads with JJ's own hair and an elastic over the last bead. I'm pretty gentle, and I cut the elastics to remove the beads, but I'd like to try snaps.

3) I think putting beads on with a beader is probably easier?

As I was thinking about all of this, I came across a post at Keep Me Curly offering 25% off at their sister site Snapaholics - perfect timing!! They were out of stock of almost all the snaps )-:  but I did order these flower snaps, along with a metal latch hook beader, a good variety of beads and some ballies. As their confirmation email announced, I will have bling soon!

Come on Mom -
ANOTHER picture??!??!

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