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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Style - "Rapunzel" Yarn Braids

JJ decided months ago that for Halloween she wanted to be Rapunzel. She had a very definite idea in her head. She wanted long, golden hair.

I, in turn, spent months trying to figure out how I would achieve this, as well as struggling with how I felt about her wanting long, golden hair.

A good friend encouraged me to lighten up. She said that she was sure that JJ wanting long, golden hair for Halloween did not necessarily mean that she disliked her tightly coiled, shrinkage-prone black hair. This friend reminded me of the many times that I have changed my look drastically for Halloween, theme parties and other special events.  This, she told me, was the same thing. It was one day, and JJ should have what she wanted.

After some thought, I decided to go with an interpretation of long, golden hair that would respect what JJ wanted, but would also incorporate her natural hair.

First we found some light golden yarn, with just a little bit of sparkle to it.

Working with clean, dry, stretched hair, I added in the yarn. 

At first I tried to do a two strand twist, half hair, half yarn. 

JJ decided it was too candy-cane-like. 

I tried another twist. This time I started with a flat rope twist into a two strand twist. She liked this look better, so we went with it for the rest of the hair. 

In the end she had six flat twists in the front, with the yarn incorporated into them. The parting style was copied from this simple braids into princess hairstyle at All Things Cute and Girly.  JJ had an additional 6 braids (with yarn incorporated) at the back, for a total of 12 medium-sized sections. I braided the ends of each section. The length of each section (once braided) was at her waist. 

I pulled the two sides together into side ponytails.

JJ also wanted to add this crown that a friend had recently given her. 

In the end, JJ was extremely pleased with her long, golden Rapunzel hair, and she had a great time at school and trick-or-treating.

Little brother's hair, on the other hand, was pretty low maintenance: white hat. 


Happy Halloween!!!

One last photo: the next day at school Rapunzel style - pulled into a loose bun.

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  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!! How creative with her hair... Cute outfits!! :)


  2. They are such cuties! I love the costumes!

  3. They both are so cute! I love the Rapunzel idea!

  4. I love that idea for Rapunzel hair--you did a great job! Little Brother has got to be the cutest ghost I've ever seen!

  5. aw, thanks everyone!! we had a great halloween!

  6. Aww that sweet that you honored her long, golden hair that she wanted...and lil bro's costume was adorable! Lol thanks for the plug! Its always nice to know a style I do helps someone.

  7. Where have I been I thought I was following you but I guess I wasnt Ive missed so much. You have done a great job giving JJ what she wants she looks fantastic and she must of loved having long hair.