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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bye Bye Braids!

The Braid Komb

A while back I picked up this Braid Komb at a local Beauty Supply Store. I had gone in looking for Queen Helene Royal Curl Shaping Creme. Unfortunately, the QH doesn't seem to be anywhere in Canada, but I left with a package of 100 large-barreled black beads, the Braid Komb ($1.99), and change from my $5 bill.

I braided JJ's hair recently with 53 small braids and lots of beads.  I took out the beads using a seam ripper after 6 days, and left the braids in for a few more days. The braids probably could have stayed longer, but I was itching to try out the comb.

I decided to pace myself, because I am not a huge fan of braid removal. I decided to take out only the braids in the back section of JJ's hair while she watched Shrek for the billionth time. She watched, I took out braids, and before we new it, ALL the braids were out (except the cornrows on the side, which I left in). I wasn't keeping a super close eye on the clock, but Shrek is 90 minutes long, so I was pretty happy with that compared to the five or so hours that it took last time I did small braids.

In fairness, I made the braids a bit larger than last time. But the Braid Komb made huge difference. I used the first tooth to insert into the braid and pulled out 2-3 stitches at a time. The angle of the tooth is perfect for this. You can see some action shots of the Braid Komb on the website.  It was super gentle on JJ's hair.

Once the braids were out I spritzed her hair lightly with water and - ta-da! It shrunk right back up into a 'fro.

She rocked the 'fro for a short time, and then (while watching Shrek 2) I put in some flat twists for the week. 

JJ - second week of Kindergarten!
According to the Braid Komb website, online ordering is coming soon.... Meanwhile, I'm **very** pleased with this find (but still desperately seeking the QH creme....).

UPDATE: I stopped into the Braid Komb creator's salon today and met Sharon in person!! I told her that I loved the comb, and she promises to get those online orders going soon....!


  1. Hmmmm...I don't do little braids for that reason--they take forever to take out! If this makes the process just a little quicker, I'm sold.

    I love those flat twists on JJ's head. She's such a serious looking kindergartner, but absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Great job, online orders would be great, good looking out :) and I love the fro look!

  3. lol nikki, she is starting to be annoyed by me asking her to smile for pictures all the time - yeah, she does look pretty serious hey? I'm gonna see if I can add in a smiling one for good measure....

  4. She's gorgeous!! Her hair is gorgeous!!! And all those braids?!?! Whew... I'm glad this comb is working for you!!! I may have to pick one up! :)


  5. Last venture doing lil braids, Des' hair took forever to take down. So glad you found something to help. I may have to look into this comb.

    JJ is sooo very cute.

  6. lol, lately in half of our pics D is making a silly face

  7. I think taking down braids is so tedious! I am glad that there is something out there to help reduce our time! I can't wait until online ordering starts....I will be getting one!

  8. I need one of these! I love small braids because they last longer, but its much fun taking them out. Your daughter is gorgeous. I really like the flat twists. I am thinking that this may be my LI'l Bit's style once I take her braids out. I will be sure to refer back here to give credit for such a beautiful style. :)