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Saturday, December 17, 2011

JJ's Signature Style: Two-Strand Twists

About a year and a half ago, a simple google search led me to discover the existence of "hair blogs". The very first blog I found was Happy Girl Hair, and it was through blog-author Katie's posts that I first learned the basics of caring for JJ's hair.

One of Katie's posts around that time was about "signature" hair styles. I remember wondering if I'd ever be good enough at doing JJ's hair that she would have a signature style. Surprisingly though, it didn't take long for me to learn the joy of two-strand twists, and luckily, JJ loves them too!

A headful of two-strand twists is definitely JJ's signature style. I've become pretty quick with them, and I love the versatility they offer. JJ can wear them down, or her twists can be easily gathered in half-up half-down or pigtail styles. I usually do smedium-sized twists (note: I love this term for the size between small and medium - I first saw it used at Mainly Braids by the amazing and talented Shay. Check out this link for an awesome braid-out with smedium braids). We usually leave twists in for 2-3 weeks but I do have to pay careful attention to JJ's ends. I usually unravel and re-twist just the ends every 4-6 days or so to avoid tangles/loc'ing).

Here are JJ's recent twists:

Before twists: big hair

Halfway done. I usually do a (relatively)
straight part in the back so that I can easily throw in some pigtails. 

JJ prefers the side part at the front so she can have some bangs hanging down.

Her bangs are actually getting really long...! 
As you can see, she loves to swing her twists around.

But wait!! It's not like JJ is the only cute kid out there who sports some awesome twists. Check out these blogs for even more twistspiration:

Charlotte's Avenue: Twists are definitely Choca's signature style! Here is one of my all-time fave posts about Choca's twists.

Baby Big Hair: Chloe is another master of the two-strand twists! This is one of my favorite posts:  "lets do the twist"!

Greek Ghana Mix: The adorable GG rocks some great mini 2 strand twists here and an update on the 2 strand twists here.


  1. Her hair looks so nice, I love those twists!

  2. Her twists are really looking longer! Great job and keep it up!

  3. I love her twists her hair is in great condition and she looks so cute. I love doing twists too they dont take too long to do and last a few weeks. My daughter just said is that my friend Amma mummy, is she on the computer like me, she has the same hair, does she like pink? (",) I told her that you dont live in the UK and she said I want her to be my friend still I like her hair (",)

  4. i love her twist and her big crazy hair!

  5. Thanks everyone - twists are perfect for our busy lives, and are a great protective style, so her hair is in great condition right now!

    @ ggmix - that's so sweet! JJ says "hi gg!!" and waves across the Atlantic. And yes, JJ does like pink!

  6. Her hair is so pretty! !! I love her twists! !!

  7. Thank you for the shout out. I told gg and she was smiling then asked me "are they coming" lol

  8. She's so beautiful, and her hair is amazing!! So pretty!!!!

    Thank you for the shout out, Queen!! :)


  9. thanks everyone! I just finished a headful of 2-strand twists on little brother too... will post soon.

  10. Very CUte, I"m taking a page from coco's book too i have had twist in for a couple of weeks, making sure to retwist often so it doesn't lock

  11. I LOVE JJ's twists! They just fit her! That's a lot of hair to twist up, too...she's got gorgeous curls in that big ol' head of hair!

  12. Her hair is sooo thick. Those twists look so good on her.