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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Winter Wonderland Giveaway - Win a Classic Supercape from Fancy Pants Kids!!!

I am thrilled to be participating in this year's Winter Wonderland Giveaway, hosted by Untrained Hair Mom.

The sponsor for hair-raising adventures' giveaway is none other than Fancy Pants Kids!

My kids love to dress up, and they absolutely adore their Classic Supercapes from FPK. They love the way the capes fly behind them when they run and jump. They really feel like they are flying!

Gretel Meyer Odell, the Director and Designer of FPK has generously donated a Classic Supercape (retail value $20 CDN) for this giveaway (thanks, G!!). The winner of the giveaway gets to choose the colour and size of their Classic Supercape. You can check out the awesome selection of products at Fancy Pants Kids here.

Here is a little more about Gretel and her amazing business:

Gretel Meyer Odell is a Toronto mother-of-two. Eschewing store-bought gifts for the countless birthday parties her kids were invited to, Gretel started making dress-up accessories for her elder son to give to his friends. Her unique creations were the hit of every party and parents and kids begged for more. Now Fancy Pants Kids proudly delivers simple and beautiful designs – made to spark imaginations while allowing kids to write their own ‘scripts’. No commercial character knock-offs, no gender-based items - just sturdily constructed, washable designs in a vibrant and lush selection of kid-pleasing fabrics. Made for Fun. Made to Last. Made in Canada!

And - last but not least - a mama bragging moment: my very own JJ has recently been selected as one of the new faces of the Classic Supercape:

We LOVE our Supercapes. We would love for YOU to have one too! There are lots of ways to enter - see the Rafflecopter form for more details.

***CONTEST CLOSED***Congrats Tosha!!!!

Click "Read More" to load the Rafflecopter form! (Please note that Rafflecopter take a a minute to load).
Good luck!!!!!


  1. The long dragontail costume is my fave... without a doubt... Choca loves dragons/dinosaurs!!

  2. I Like the Long Dragontail Costume. my 2 yr would love that.

  3. I love the supercape!! and the circle cape is awesome too. That is SOOOO cool that JJ is on the package!! How fun!!

  4. My daycare kids would go CRAZY with that Long Dragontail Cape!!!

  5. the magic circle cloak! we think it looks awesome!

  6. I would love to get my nephews a Knight's armor.

  7. JJ, congrats!!! I have to jump on the long dragontail costume. it would go great with the knight costume we already have!

  8. I like the Magic Circle Cloak or the fleece crown with the heart.

  9. OOWEEE! Dragon Tail it is for me!!!