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Monday, August 29, 2011

Big and Little 'Fros

I've been doing lots of experimenting with Big Hair. I'm even working on a post about it! But in the meantime here are a few photos that are just too cute (in my humble and totally non-biased opinion) to keep to myself. BTW - please ignore the product residue on JJ's hair - like I said - I am experimenting!! I was checking to see if the residue would be gone when hre hair was completely dry. It was not. I think in my zeal I used too much leave-in condish - but it came out well with another rinse. Sigh...always learning! 

My hair is bigger than yours!
But I still love you!
For the record: JJ's major shrinkage


  1. Your kiddos are super-duper cute! The mere thought of wearing my hair out anymore makes me tremble in absolute the thought of how long it takes me to de-tangle. JJ's hair is growing quite nicely. Keep up the great work taking care of it :0)

  2. Thanks everyone! @ Mikimu - yeah, "out" hair is not low-maintenance hair, that's for sure. So far we've only experimented with one day at a time, for fear of major tangles!

  3. Wow! They are so cute!! Love the afros!! Keep up the wonderful work ;)


  4. sooooo sweet!! <3 I love their hair, and that shrinkage is amazing!!