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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Criss Cross Twists - Inspired by Diva Locks

This weekend I didn't have any plan at all about how I was going to do JJ's hair for the week. I usually have some vague idea, but this time - nothing.

I checked out my blogger dashboard for inspiration, which was delivered immediately by one of the amazing blogs I follow:  Diva Locks, where The Diva's talented Hairdresser had created gorgeous criss cross braided ponytails.

I added my own twists to this style - literally. Instead of the braids I did two-strand twists. I also added in some purple yarn, because 1) I had promised JJ a while back that we could try adding some yarn to her twists, and 2) as you may have figured out, I like to experiment.

I started by washing and conditioning JJ's hair, and banded it in 6 sections.

I twisted each section into two two-strand twists and added purple yarn.

halfway done!
halfway done!
I then criss-crossed the twists (see  Diva Locks' post - criss cross braided ponytails for an extremely thorough description).

I ended the twists with beads - adding beads to the ends when they are just yarn seems so much kinder to JJ's ends, allows her to have the bling she craves, and it's so easy to just tie a little knot in the end of the yarn versus using snaps and/or elastics.

THANKS to Diva's Hairdresser at Diva Locks for the inspiration!

And a shout-out to the fabulous Precious for technical assistance with my blog!!!!!!!


  1. Thank you! I am so glad I could provide the inspiration, makes my heart all warm and fuzzy! :) I love it! You did an amazing job and I LOVE the yarn weaved in!

  2. How cute! I love how you incorporated the yarn!