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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ghana Plaits - Update

My first attempt at Ghana Plaits went okay but, as always, there were lessons to learn.

First of all, it didn't take long for the beads to start falling out. Over at Cherish my daughter, Mocha Mom used sidewinders to end her plaits.  I can really see why. Some beads simply fell out from JJ's constant movement. Also, as the thread loosened up over time, sometimes the beads became detached from the ends of the hair. Without the anchor, some of the plaits unraveled.

Threads hanging from where beads fell off
Loosened thread, beads detached
Ghana plait that unravelled
completely after the beads came out
The plaits still looked good though, and were saved by adding small barrettes to the ends:

I think Ghana Plaits have a lot of potential - I'll definitely try again - maybe with the Sidewinders (still saving the pennies though - haven't ordered any yet...)! I guess I'll have to add them to the wish list.

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