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Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Little Brother

I should mention that JJ has a little brother, K. I am a bit more focused on her hair than on his. He's not nearly as patient as JJ for having his hair detangled or styled - JJ will actually **ask** to have her hair done - often! K - not so much.

Daddy D would like K to have locs just like him.... eventually. In the meantime though, we have experimented with the 'fro, twists, some braids, and some very short hair:
Twists - from the front
Twists - from the top
The biggest 'fro - so far. Note many different curl patterns.
More of the big 'fro.
The big chop. Wow, that was short!
The current medium-sized 'fro.
All the product & hair routine info that I've gathered has come in very handy when it comes to his hair  - but that's for another post!


  1. ahaha he's soo cutee :)

  2. He is soo cute!!
    I love the big fro!

  3. I love the big fro too!!! The extended family is not so sure though... It's hard to balance all the different opinions about how hair should and should not look. I am trying to keep my focus on healthy hair....